Daniel Berton | Electronics,  Sampling

Johan Carlsson | Drums, Percussion, Electronics

Mattias Ribbing | Trombone, Euphonium, Saxophonium, Hands, Voice, Water Bowl

Stefan Wistrand | Soprano, Alto & Tenor Saxophones, Bass Clarinet 

Per Åhlund | Electronics, Sampling

Photo: Bengt Floore



Fundamental Form was the first formation that directly grew out of the activities of musicians collective and scene Memento in Eskilstuna. The group was formed in 1999 at the initiative of saxophonist Stefan Wistrand and with the aim of playing free improvised music colored by rock, free jazz and electronica. Since then, Fundamental Form has appeared in a variety of contexts, clubs, museums and festivals (including “Perspectives” in Västerås 2004) and made live music to video and film, co-operating with different artists.

Fundamental Form’s music is built on a finely chiseling of moods – from the abstract to the concrete, from free rhythms to awkward grooves, which is all collectively improvised. The mixture of acoustic and electronic instruments contributes to the specific sound of the group.


Stefan Wistrand is also a member of Nods Off, Two Sounds Ensemble and Wistrand/Rytzler Quartet. The first two groups have records out on Einnicken and other labels. Per Åhlund is seen in various electronic musical contexts for example the solo project Diskrepant and as a member of Skare, RDHD and Kahl. Mattias Ribbing is part of the little big band Svensk Kobra, who specializes in playing compositions by John Zorn. Daniel Berton is a member of Metamusik and plays electric guitar with Nods Off.



“Fundamental Form from Eskilstuna, which carried out a live improvisation, showed with its work “W.I.P.”, that EAM-music in some way is like a living organism, with a creeping evolution within itself. The instrumental mix of soprano sax, electronic filters and a stainless water bowl surprised with its sound.” (Arbetarbladet )


“Fundamental Form set up suggestive sound constructions with sensitive beats in the background. It was like a mixture between some of Tom Waits more mystical tunes and a David Lynch film.”

(Gefle Dagblad)


Video of a live performance as FundaMETA.




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