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Artist: Nods Off

Title: Intro: Version

Einnicken ERA2125 

Released 2021
(Recorded live at Memento, 1999)

Stefan Wistrand - Tenor & Soprano Sax, Compositions

Tommy Skotte - Double Bass

Erik Dahlbäck - Drums

Recording, photo & layout: Stefan Wistrand

Mastering: Anders Bergström

Produced by M. Mori


"The album convinces me anyway that they must have been one of the 90's more exciting Swedish jazz groups. The music still feels wonderfully free and raw and much more modern and urgent than much of what is produced today. It is cheeky and does not fear the caesars of music who prefer smooth-combed people who sleep well at night." 4 1/2 out of 5 rating.
Kulturdelen (Sweden)

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Artist: Tuomo Haapala

Title: Sonic Poems - Music for the Deep Violin

Einnicken ERA-RI-001

Digital Release 2020
(Originally released on Bokbandet 2005)

Tuomo Haapala - Bass Violin, Composer

Jörgen Adolfsson - Saxophone, Oud, Advisor

Lotta Hasselquist - Harpsichord

Thomas Mera Gartz - Percussion
Sune Spångberg - Percussion
Mats Einarsson - Bouzouki
Anonymous Elk

Marie Selander - Voice

Kristine Scholz - Piano

Engineers: Gert Palmcrantz, Jan Widebeck, Kristopher Förars, Mikko Ahonen

Produced by Anneli Ljung Nordenskiöld

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Artist: Tuomo Haapala

Title: Det goda hatet & Kenen perään hirvet huutaa?

Einnicken ERA-RI-002

Digital Release 2020

(Originally released on Bokbandet 2007)

Tuomo Haapala - Bass Violin, Composer, Voice, Recitation

Stina Ekblad - Recitation

Marie Selander - Voice

Kristine Scholz - Piano

Kolina Seppälä - Recitation, Voice

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Artist: The Electric MZ

Title: Eternity & A Day

Einnicken ERA1722 (Vinyl-LP 180 g)

Released 2018

Stefan Wistrand - Soprano & Tenor Saxes, Bass Clarinet

David Lindh - Guitar

Johannes Rytzler - Fender Rhodes Piano, Keyboards

Mattias Greén - Bass, Trumpet

Johan Carlsson - Drums, Percussion

Peter Lampa Olsen - Drums, Percussion

Cover art & design: Johanna Wistrand

Engineering: Mattias Greén

Mixing & mastering: Alar Suurna

Produced by M. Mori & M. Greén


”Together, everyone contributes to creating a genuine group sound, which despite the actual timelessness of the music and its "here and now" still feels a lot of Swedish 70's, but then of the absolute best kind. The title is a homage to director Theo Angelopoulos. An album to glorify the summer with."
Orkester Journalen (Sweden)


 ”Jazz coming from funk, psychedelia, and Latin with clear contemporary sounds”. 4 out of 5 rating.
Dig Jazz (Sweden) 


”Should you compare the band with something else, maybe it could be Tonbruket, which can move in about the same boundaries. But The Electric MZ cultivates a softer and more rounded and unified sound. That I called Stefan Wistrand the band's forefront figure does not mean he is the dominating soloist, although we can enjoy really fine saxophone playing as on "Stratum" and a wonderful effort on bass clarinet on “Endless”, the final cut of the record, which at the same time cradle us down. It is after all the band as a whole and a unity that is at the center and the sound that is collectively created.” 4 out of 5 rating.

Kulturdelen (Sweden)

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Artist: Nods Off

Title: Going (Gone)

Einnicken ERS1724 (Digital Release)

Released 2017

Stefan Wistrand - Alto Sax

Daniel Berton - Electric Guitar

Stefan Larsson - Electric Bass

Peter Olsen - Drums

Cover photo: Stefan Wistrand

Engineering: Daniel Berton

Mastering: Anders Bergström

Produced by M. Mori

Artist: The Electric MZ

Title: Silent in the Murmur

Einnicken ERA1421 (Vinyl-LP 180 g)

Released 2015

Stefan Wistrand - Soprano Saxes, Bass Clarinet

David Lindh - Guitar

Johannes Rytzler - Fender Rhodes Piano, Keyboards

Mattias Greén - Bass, Trumpet, Flugelhorn

Johan Carlsson - Drums, Percussion

Peter Lampa Olsen - Drums

Cover art & design: Johanna Wistrand

Engineering: Mattias Greén

Mixing & mastering: Alar Suurna

Produced by M. Mori


”The dynamics of The Electric MZ is in the repetitive, restrained with flavor and substance entrenched, just like when I heard Wistrand when he worked with improvisational music in successful constellations as Two Sounds Ensemble and Nods Off.”

Patrik Sandberg

Orkesterjournalen 2015 #4 (Sweden)


”The music literally flows, and could well last a good deal longer than the ten minutes that the compositions here fluctuate around without losing sting and substance. This applies in particular to the composition Coasting Along, which is cruising jazz at its best and definitely the most sumptuous feature on the album."

Peter Bornemar

Dig Jazz, March 2015 (Sweden)

”The band plays tight and melodic with a swinging foundation. The music fits a listening audience, but also a dancing one. You can hear a lot in the music of The Electric MZ, but it does not feel right to enumerate all the references and winks offered. Instead, it's just to say that Stefan Wistrand and the band has done something of their own of all commodities and also made it a very enjoyable musical moment for the listener.”

Lennart Götesson

Dala-Demokraten, June 2015 (Sweden)

“So where does this leave us? Well you want more of course. And hopefully this is not the last we’ll hear from The Electric MZ but you’ll never know. There might as well be six new bands spawned out of this one knowing what the members are capable of. Hopefully we will get to hear all of them in the future. But I have a good sense of that The Electric MZ is not done in any way. Until we know for sure let’s enjoy “Silent in the Murmur” and stand in its shining light getting embraced by its warmth and love.”

The Void, 2015

"...well laid out and well played."

Jazz Special, 2015 #145 (Denmark)

Artist: Fundamental Form

Title: Fundamental Form

Einnicken ERA0919

Released 2010

Daniel Berton - Electronics, Sampling

Johan Carlsson - Drums, Percussion

Mattias Ribbing - Voice, Hands, Water Bowl, Trombone, Euphonium, Saxophonium

Stefan Wistrand - Bass Clarinet, Alto & Soprano Sax

Per Åhlund - Electronics, Sampling

Cover art & design: Per Åhlund

Engineering & mastering: Daniel Berton

Produced by M. Mori


”…Fundamental Form has an impressive focus that is kept straight through. The common thread is Stefan Wistrand’s brilliant saxophone that constantly adapts to the situation and flows nicely in whether the background is an Alvin Lucier-like drone as in Att or a mishmash of cacophonic electronics as in Me.

   A most interesting group with a really versatile saxophonist who you should definitely keep an eye on in the future."

David Olivecrona             

Lira 3/2010 (Sweden)

”While ‘Att’s epic nine minute wander out into hypnotic drones and loose hand drummed percussion sees more electronics-lead atmosphere continuing to exert an influence, it’s closing track ‘Lat’ that sees the listener being dragged out of the whirring electronic murk, back into the light by the emergence of more conventionally ‘majestic’ saxophone soloing by Wistrand. Dark and moody stuff that doesn’t quite lean towards isolationism… I’ve also got to give the gorgeous ‘double F’ gatefold sleeve a mention, as its minimalist aesthetic perfectly suits the contents here."

Chris Downton

Cyclic Defrost, July 2010 (Australia)

”The various instruments broaden the perspective. And it grows into a strange crossbreeding between a forward pushing free jazz, heavy drums and an electronic environment true to their dreams. It's like going in with open eyes into a dream. Fundamental Form’s essentially ritual music is highlighted by the vocal elements, whose atavistic pulse is captured by the percussion.”

Thomas Millroth

Sound of Music, March 2010 (Sweden)

”Happily, these sounds are quite interesting. You get a fair amount of white noise, drones, some gentle noodling, and some more energetic excursions but all with a kind of narrative flow that makes the journey pleasurable. If you don’t expect JATP choruses of honking bar walkers, you are all set. It’s well done.”

Grego Applegate Edwards

Cadence 7-8-9/2010 (USA)

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Artist: Nods Off

Title: In The Space Between

Einnicken ERA0417

Released 2005

Stefan Wistrand - Tenor, Alto & Soprano Sax, Bells

Daniel Berton - Electric Guitar

Stefan Larsson - Electric Bass

Peter Olsen - Drums

Cover art: Anton Engvall

Cover design: Tom Holmlund

Engineering & mastering: Daniel Berton

Produced by M. Mori


”They cook, they crack up and rumble around in the bottom, but in the music there is also composed structures that support a melodic beauty. That gives scope and dynamics while at the same time Stefan Wistrand, Daniel Carlsson, Stefan Larsson and Peter Olsen create a collective expression that feels uniform and distinct. A real progressive record."

Johannes Cornell

Dagens Nyheter, February 23, 2005 (Sweden)

”Forceful steamroller compositions vary with slowly burning beautiful ones, and quite a lot in between. Everything is new, still you feel at home. With its rock oriented drive Nods Off should be able to reach many listeners. Both band and new listeners are to be congratulated."

Leif Carlsson

Lira 3/2005 (Sweden)

”Needless to say, the ensemble saturates its palate with a good-natured vibe that becomes quite conspicuous from the onset. (Recommended…)"

Glenn Astarita

All About Jazz, Nov. 21, 2005 (USA)

”While the band casts a mesmerizing spell with its collective entreaty, the improvising talent of each member vividly surfaces out of the waters of this briskly bubbling cauldron. Nods Off gets the adrenaline flowing nonstop with its stimulating black magic communiqués."

Frank Rubolino

Cadence, October 2005 (USA)

”If you're looking for a quartet that dabbles in improvisational rock with a punch, Nods Off is a good starting point."

Tom Sekowski

GAZ-ETA nr 34/2005 (Poland)

”The four musicians move with free decision and pride in free jazz territory, leaving the road stub for progressive rock’s full load of energy and luminescence.”

Maurizio Comandini

Altrisuoni, September 2005 (Italy)

"The Swedish improvisational scene today has quite too few names. Nods Off though is one of the foremost with their blending of free jazz and something they themselves call experimental rock. Sounds wild and it sure is."

Stefan Nilsson

Nerikes Allehanda, March 23, 2005 (Sweden)

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Artist: Two Sounds Ensemble

Title: Inversions I-VI

Einnicken ERA0416

Released 2004

Stefan Wistrand - Tenor & Soprano Sax

Joakim Simonsson - Piano

Cover art & design by Tom Holmlund

Engineer: Joakim Simonsson

Mastering: József Simó

Produced by M. Mori


"Sweden's TSE-Two Sounds Ensemble-reigns in its free jazz vision with laudable restraint, with a lovely wandering progression in its instantly composed music that stays appealingly within earshot of the lyrical and melodic musical path, stretching structure with breaking it.”

Dan McClenaghan

All About Jazz, August 12, 2004 (USA)

There's plenty of swirling abstraction, as one might expect, but they also keep things varied with some beautifully lyrical passages and some gorgeous on the spot (presumably) themes... it seems like they really explored the space and found some interesting corners along the way. Definitely recommended."

Charles Walker

Jazzcorner, June 2004 (USA)

”This is a beautiful and melodic record that treads with grace and feeling on already entered improvisational grounds. To be considered a narrow musical form the Two Sound Ensemble's interpretation of the idiom is inviting and easy to listen to.”

Leif Carlsson

Lira 4/2004 (Sweden)

”The approach is melodic, mostly unabrasive and in a free adlib tempo – the piano tone is bright and the recording well projected."

Andy Hamilton

The Wire 4/2005 (England)

”Inversions is a solid series of duets, well worth hearing. The only gripe is that the playing time is too short."

Robert Iannapollo

Cadence 2/2005 (USA)

”I hear a lot of tenderness and a good amount of delicacy as both players seemed to be in a highly relaxed mode that day in January 2004 when this session was put down to tape. Based on "Inversions", I'm anticipating lots more great music from this duo in years to come."

Tom Sekowski

Gaz-Eta 34/2005 (Poland)

”A jazz always fresh, charming, also full of agreement if you want, but not of the tired kind. Recommended."

Alekos Pandelis

Altrisuoni, November 2005 (Italy)

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Artist: Saga (Open Trio)

Title: Färger

Einnicken ERA0315

Released 2003

Joakim Simonsson - Piano

Pär-Ola Landin - Double Bass

Daniel Olsson - Drums

Cover design by Joakim Simonsson

Layout by Stefan Juhlin

Photo: Britta Bingebo

Engineer: Daniel Berton

Mastering: József Simó

Produced by Joakim Simonsson

Executive producer: M. Mori

Leased in a second edition to Found You Recordings in 2005.

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Title: MEMENTO - the scene, the music

Einnicken ERA0314

Released 2003

Compiled by Memento

Cover by Per Åhlund

Mastering: Daniel Berton

Produced by M. Mori


"Recordings from various artists related to the Memento-association and venue for creative musicians – featuring a broad range of interests. Electronics, instrumental, improvisation, avant rock or solo tracks add up to offer an illustrative image of this venue/collective from Sweden."

Hurly Burly (Spain)


"…a compilation record that gives the surrounding world an insight into Eskilstuna’s more

suspect quarters. The musical styles are wildly mixed. It’s often crazy and exciting but alsoquiet and beautiful. Thomas Rydell offers an eleven minute long journey through a minimalistelectronic landscape, and the group Nods Off attract attention in "Jay Waltzing", where especially the guitar playing is worth noting."

Ulf Dernevik

Lira (Sweden)

Artist: Nods Off

Title: Live at Tellus

Einnicken ERS0213

Released 2002

Stefan Wistrand - Tenor & Alto Sax

Daniel Berton - Electric Guitar

Stefan Larsson - Electric Bass, Voice

Peter Olsen - Drums

Photo montage: Stefan Larsson

Layout: Stefan Larsson & Stefan Wistrand

Live recording: M. Mori

Mastering: Mats Olsson

Produced by M. Mori


"Reminds me a bit of GONG this one. Long live Free Jazz..."

Scott Heller

Aural Innovations (USA)

"Live recorded experimental acoustic-electric rock with an overt free-jazz influence. Collective improvisations where superimposed solos flow with simultaneous intensity. The instrumental practice occasionally evoking atmospheric passages of jazzistic ascendancy, distances itself from the typical expanded developments of the realm."

Hurly Burly (Spain)

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Artist: Nods Off

Title: Here, There, Down & Up!

Einnicken ERA0012

Released 2000

Stefan Wistrand - Tenor, Alto & Soprano Sax, Alto Clarinet, Trumpetophone

Stefan Larsson - Electric Bass, Voice, Trombonophone

Peter Olsen - Drums

Marcus Lund - Acoustic Bass

Design: Per Åhlund

Artwork: Anton Engvall

Liner notes: Keith Knox

Recordings: Mats Olsson, Stefan Wistrand, Mats Gustafsson

Mastering: Mats Olsson

Produced by M. Mori


”The band tends to keep tunes fairly short for this genre, with just one track lasting more than 8 minutes. The rich thump of Olsen's drums and his densely tribal and driving style are reason enough for drum fanatics to check this out. Nods Off is another distinguished member of a small but vibrant free Jazz scene in Sweden, and one that's worth hearing.”

Stuart Kremsky

Cadence 8/2001 (USA)

"Wind instruments, voice and drums display a free form of entering a space in which the ethnic manifests itself, by way of make-up, as some sort of prelude. The discourse, creating curves, is warm from the beginning. Themes of an interrupted space give way to a flow stopped at each stretch"."

Esteban Lago

Hurly Burly 16/2001 (Spain)

"The music consists of twelwe well varied original compositions which not only manage to clean your ears from every trace of MOR, but also set your fantasy in new directions. I'm most fascinated by the tune Paint Music IV, which bears no resemblance to anything else I've heard in this the most creative of jazz genres."

Peter Bornemar

Eskilstuna-Kuriren (Sweden)

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Artist: SNOW

Title: Den genomskinliga katten :: The Transparent Cat

Einnicken ERA0011

Released 2000

Marie Selander - Vocals

Lise-Lotte Norelius - Drums   

Cecilia Wennerstrom - Baritone Sax

Photo: Gunnar Holmberg

Engineer: Jan Wibeck

Mastering: Mats Olsson

Producer: S NO W

Executive producer: Stefan Wistrand


"These three daring women does songs from people in the province: some happy yoiks, some that have an Arabian taste. It is a relief to hear music that’s not ingratiating.”

Ingmar Glanzelius

Dagens Nyheter (Sweden)

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Artist: Nods Off

Title: Lococycle

Einnicken ERS9310

Released 1993

Stefan Wistrand - Tenor, Alto & Soprano Sax, Alto Clarinet

Stefan Larsson - Electric Bass, Devices

Peter Olsen - Drums

Cover: Stefan Wistrand

Photo: Stefan Larsson

Design: Kajsa Danngren

Engineer: Mats Olsson

Mastering: Cutting Room

Produced by Nods Off 


”Rather than coming off as experimenting for experiment's sake, the trio appear confident in all of their elements. Magicians and prodigies they're not, but this is a group full of good ideas an the strength to make them work."

Scot Hacker

Cadence 10/1994 (USA)

"The Swedish jazz trio Nods Off plays an especially disciplined form of free jazz: most of the eight tracks on this EP are under two minutes

long! Such brevity, combined with the fact that the recording was made live in the studio, bespeaks a band that knows what it's doing.”

Mark Sullivan

Option No. 55 1994 March/April (USA)

"19 minutes of intense, free improvisation, eight numbers - that! It's no saving of graces from Stefan Wistrand (sax, cl), Peter Olsen (perc) and Stefan Larsson (el b)."

Sören Friis

Jazz Special 13/1993 (Denmark)

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